Some quotes I find inspirational:

Confessions of a Buddhist Atheist

Mindfulness can have a sobering effect on the restless, jittery psyche. The stiller and more focused it becomes, the more I am able to peer into the sources of febrile reactivity, to catch the first stirring of hatred before it overwhelms me with loathing and spite, to observe with ironic detachment the conceited babbling of the ego, to notice at its inception the self-demeaning story that could tip me into depression.

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Gotama’s Dhamma is more than just a series of axioms. It is to be lived rather than simply adopted and believed in. It entails that one embrace this world in all its contingency and specificity, with all its ambiguity and flaws. It requires an unflinching honesty with oneself, a willingness to face one’s deepest fears and longings, the courage to resist fleeing to the imagined safety of one’s “place”. In the midst of strife and confusion, it invites one to pay precise attention to what is happening, to resist the urge to follow habitual patterns of reaction, to respond from the still and sane perspective of one’s “ground”.